Amazing Health Benefits Of Avocado Oil

avocado oil

Avocados are one of the healthiest fruits. Unlike most plant oils that are derived from their seeds, avocado oil is derived from its flesh. The oil has a high concentration of mono-saturated fats, potassium and vitamins (A, E and D). Avocado oil has numerous nutritional and medical benefits. The oil can be used in cooking or applied on the body surface. The following are scientifically proven benefits of avocado oil.

1. Maintains healthy cardiovascular system

Avocado oil is a rich source of beta-sitosterol. Beta-sitosterol is a type of cholesterol which helps to alter harmful fats into forms that are more utilizable and less damaging to cells. Consuming beta-sitosterol in adequate quantities ensures that it competes with cholesterol, a dangerous type of fat, for absorption into the bloodstream. Furthermore, beta-sitosterol inhibits cell division thereby preventing the development of cancerous cells.

Avocado oil possesses anti-inflammatory properties which mean that it can play a significant role in preventing damage to arterial walls. This lessens the threat of heart ailments resulting from plaque deposits. Less inflammation in arterial walls also means that avocado oil can help maintain blood pressure at normal healthy levels.

Folate, a nutrient in avocado oil, has also been found to lower the threat of contracting cardiovascular diseases. One cup of this God-sent oil contains more than a fifth of the body’s daily requirement. Cholesterol levels in the blood can also be balanced by mono-saturated fats in avocado oil.

avocad with vegetables

2. Aids in Weight Loss

As avocado oil is thick and full of powerful nutrients, consumers become fuller faster. A person will also be more satisfied for extended periods of time thus preventing overeating.

The vitamins and essential fatty acids in the avocado oil also help to improve digestion. A person, therefore, gets more energy from the foods they consume. Individuals can therefore be able to participate in physical activities they would otherwise be too tired to do.

3. Detoxification

Avocado oil is an abundant source of chlorophyll, a natural source of magnesium. Magnesium has been proven to be the best natural substance for removing heavy metals like lead from organs of the human body. Each molecule of chlorophyll contains magnesium ion at its core.

The magnesium ion is released when the whole molecule comes in contact with an acidic environment like the stomach walls. In the absence of magnesium, the incomplete chlorophyll molecule will attract ions of heavy metals. When the heavy metals bond with the chlorophyll molecule, they are rendered non-toxic to the body.

4. Healthy Skin

Avocado oil recently started making rounds in the cosmetic industry. Celebrities came forward professing the incredible changes they had experienced since they began using the oil. The Internet became abuzz with claims that avocado oil could be the new coconut oil. How accurate are these claims?

When the avocado oil is applied on the skin, it is absorbed through the epidermis to the dermis of the skin. The primary skin nourishing nutrients that are absorbed include vitamin E, potassium, and lecithin. The nutrients, first of all, increase the production of collagen that keeps the skin plump.

Sterolin enhances softening of the skin and ensures wrinkles don’t develop in early age. The anti-inflammatory oleic acid can help ease discomfort from all manner of skin conditions such as eczema, sunburn, dandruff, and psoriasis.

Avocado oil if applied to a wound will hasten the healing process. The nutrients in the oil will boost the skin’s ability to generate stronger cells. Therefore, the skin around the wound will knit up faster with fewer chances of scarring. The same nutrients that nourish the skin also enhance healthy hair growth.

While some benefits of avocado oil have been scientifically proven some are purported and unproven. However, it is a fact that individuals using avocado oil are healthier. Take the step today of including avocado oil in your diet and your beauty regimen and see for yourself the wonders of this fruit.

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